We will show some kind words from our last weddings and we are excited about the upcoming love stories, Let's get more of these words.

Mhtaga afham bgdd ezaay el video
helw AWYYYY kedaa! Walahi it made me wish en el yom da yrga3 tani
We cried and got emotional
watching it w msh 3arfa abtal atfrag
3aleh kol shwya its on repeat..I love everything about it harfyan, you were the best choice fl farah w msh msda2a bgd el video covered every part of the day and the most special ones..i even love the music choice mhtaga a3rf esmaha eh el oghnya
Thank you for your efforts done on the wedding day and bringing this beautiful video to life, I truly appreciate it and wishing you all the best!


JUNE 2023

SoQraaaatttttsss..bgad 3awza a2olk
thank you so so so much 3la kol haga 3amltha bgad kol haga mako
kan very very Easy kol elnas mabsota beko na msh 3arfa ashkorak nta w elteam ezaay bgad..thank you Soqrat for making my day so special



Ya SoQratt
Begad e7na men sa3et ma you sent the link w e7na etfaragna 3ala el promo fo2 el 20 times
Thank you so much begad for such an amazing promo ya Sograt, begad you managed to highlight every single special moment in it. You made us relive the whole day with all its emotions in few minutes
And great job with the songs, the cinematic scenes, the editing w kol 7agaa. Begad all our friends and family teared up men el promo
Thank you so much for being a part of our day and documenting it in the most special way!



soqraatt ezayak? Ana aya bride youm 10/7 at the grove s thank you so much 3la kol 7aga fel youm you're so professional, talented and helpful etbst awe awe enk kont maya fel youm w wasqa en el videos hatkon tohfa 02 w mercii le gad 3ntak bgd
msh hansa waftak maya fel youm bgd ana w franca etbstna awe enk
m3ana aknk sahbna wakhona bgd w
thanks le your assistant 3la ta3bko


JULY 2023

Worth waiting
Awi awi awi awilliniiii
Tesim edeeko kolko!!!
It's perfecttt
3ndy moshkla f 7ta wada bas msh mohem
Bgd ya sograt helw awi awi awi awi
w rag3ly kol feelings el fara7 keda tany w kol el nas zahra fyh w helw awi awi awill
W 7arka 7elwa mnko enko ta5do el
slowdance song
please thank the whole team for me



Sograttt bgd thank you so much, l got emotional, we loved everything about It you were the best choice we made enta w Reda braha f khtoba thank you so much for your effort walahi w sorry for the late reply Ana Isa shyfah delw'ti



Hi Soqrat
Ana embareh malhe2tsh ashkorak kfaya
Bs bgd shokran awy awy awy
awyyyy 3ala kol el maghod elgamed el enta 3amalto
Kol taßabak
Mn awl el afkar w tasweer w kol haga 3amaltoha
W bgd mn abl ma ashof haga
Wadeh awy el maghod w elshogh!
Fa bgd shokran
Mn gheirko el yom makansh haykon gameel kdd

I promise ay had haytgawez ha2ollo



Hi sograt bgd ana msh 3rfa ashkork
Your talent and expertise truly shined, and the final result exceeded our expectations in every way.


MARCH 2023

Wedding films Emotion-Driven.